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Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name of Educator Class Webpage
Mrs. J. Liuzzi/Miss C. MacDougall Kindergarten
Ms. Privitera/Mrs.N. Mouttet Kindergarten
Ms. Pichut Kindergarten
Mrs. B.Katsoras/Mrs.L. Maroy Grade 1
Mrs. J. Mendes Grade 1/2
Mrs. E. Pinto Grade 2
Mrs. J. Bianco Grade 2/3
Mr. F. Ieraci Grade 3
Ms. A. Foskett Grade 3/4
Mrs. C Gabriel Grade 4
Ms. T. Michaud Grade 5
Mr. S. MacEachern Grade 5/6
Mr. F. Bianco Grade 6

Mr. P. MacKinnon

Grade 7
Mrs. T. Yellowley-Paul Grade 7
Mrs. L. Gilroy Grade 8

Mr. C. McBride

Grade 8

Mrs. S. Hamilton

Program Support
Mme. Bogucki French Teacher
Monsieur O'Sullivan (PM) French Teacher

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