Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-427-6105.

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Kathryn Hadden Principal Office
Karen Bou-Ghannam Secretary Office
Mrs. C. Moss FDK 40815
Ms. T. Mai FDK - ECE 42187
Mrs. J. Liuzzi FDK 40821
Mrs. N. Mouttet FDK - ECE 40845
Ms. M. Plouskas Grade FDK 42348
Mrs. L. Simonelli Grade 1 40839
Mrs. J. Bianco Grade 2 40823
Mr. F. Ieraci Grade 2/3 40820
Mrs. J. Macina Grade 3 41120
Mrs. C. Gabriel Grade 4 40834
Mr. F. Bianco Grade 5/6 40838
Mr. S. MacEachern Grade 5/6 40837
Mr. A. Tojcic Grade 7/8 41480
Mrs. T. Paul Grade 7/8 40828
Mrs. L. Gilroy Grade 7/8 40827
Ms. M. Storey Educational Assistants  40844
Ms. H. Jones Educational Assistants  40840
Mrs. K. Savage Educational Assistants  41587
Mrs. L. Brunton Educational Assistants  42224
Mrs. A. Albanese Educational Assistants 40962
Mrs. J. Mendes  Teacher Librarian/CCT 52205

Mrs. S. Adams-Hamilton

Program Support 52207
Mme. K. Mountjoy French Teachers 42270

Ms. T. Conway

ESL -  
Mr. J. Torres Curriculum Coverage Teacher  
Mrs. J. Mendes (AM) Curriculum Coverage Teacher - Library 40835
Mr. G. Janssen Chief Custodian 52208

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