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Exterior of the schoolVolunteer with three students during hot dog day.

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-427-6105.

Name Grade/Position Voice Mail Extension
Mrs. K. Hadden Principal  
Mrs. K. Bou-Ghannam Secretary  52200
Mrs. J. Liuzzi/Miss C. MacDougall Kindergarten  42167
Mrs. M.Amission/Mrs. N.Mouttet Kindergarten  42168
Mrs. J. Bianco Kindergarten  40823
Mrs. B.Katsoras/Mrs.L. Maroy Grade 1/2  40851/ 40841
Mrs. J. Mendes Grade 1/2  40835
Mrs. E. Pinto Grade 2/3  40825
Mr. F. Ieraci Grade 3  40820
Ms. A. Foskett Grade 3/4  40847
Mrs. C Gabriel Grade 4/5  40834
Mr. F. Bianco Grade 4/5  40838
Ms. C. Kervick Grade 5/6  42166
Mr. S. MacEachern Grade 6  40837

Mrs. S. Fortier

Grade 6/7  41700
Mrs. T. Yellowley-Paul Grade 7  40828
Mrs. L. Gilroy Grade 8  40827

Mrs. T. Michaud

Grade 8


Ms. Storey
Ms. Jones
Ms. Brunton
Ms. Savage
Ms. Falkenham

Educational Assistant   
Mrs. L. Boudignon Teacher Librarian  40843

Mrs. S. Hamilton

Program Support  52207
Madame A. Burtch French Teacher  42169
Monsieur Cook (PM) French Teacher  42021
Ms. N. Norton
Mrs. L. Simonelli (am)
Ms. Laramee (pm) .33
Mr. G. Veale Chief Custodian  52208
Mrs. M. Munzo Custodian  

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